Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Solutions – Get On the Storage Game!

Welcome to my small abode. Literally. It’s small.

I love it though, and have definitely turned it into my special oases. I definitely try to! I like to think I’m good at it, so I’d appreciate you letting me live in that confidence bubble for a while. Or forever, that works too!

Now that we’re all clear on the size of my apartment (and a few more just as important tidbits ;)) lets get to it!

I’ve always struggled to purge ‘stuff’ I am a true keeper! For good and for bad…. My personal way to go about it is definitely NOT throwing anything out (If you can teach me that you deserved a metal, just sayin!) its coming up with ways to storage them functionally (hopefully) and beautifully!

Here goes nothing:)!

Additional Storage Space

Baskets on top of Furniture Pieces

I have never understood the glorified basket obsession people around me had, until I tried it myself. Fair warning my friends, you buy one you wanna have ’em all! You’ve been warned:)! There are so many places they come in handy! The ones I own and am most obsessed with are the ones on the top of my standalone pantry in my kitchen. They happened at Home Goods one lazy, store strolling, Sunday afternoon! I’m so glad they happened! Firstly they hold my small snack bags and my goodies, reason I bought them in the first place… Then, they are such statement pieces that I even made sure to include them in my family photo shoot we had in our home recently! They give off such a rustic, chic vibe and just give the perfect finishing touch to that corner of my home; as any loyal basket in your home should!

Wooden Cutting Board to the Rescue!

Coffee. Spices. Olive oil. Three food products that get used in my home each and every day of the year. (Well almost if I’m being fully honest but you get what I mean;)) the storage places I have been storing them in needed some more space and to be fair they were more often on the course Terry than not… Soo I got the coolest little wood cutting board and viola! More Wooden Cutting board inspo‘storage space’ for me! I had to find the perfect size so that it’s not to big so that it takes over my sacred counter space but big enough to hold my precious products! So now, proudly sitting at the corner of my counter, next to my stove top, is my trusty wooden cutting board (which I use as a cutting/serving board as well #spacesaving!) I have my metal coffee tin. My wooden salt cellar. And last but not least the three spice grinders with the spices I use most often, like basically in any dish I cook. For me its black pepper (which in my opinion should be used freshly ground ONLY!), and garlic and onion powder freshly ground from dried grinds. (If I’m being fully honest and going semi off topic, garlic and onion should be used fresh at all times! Busy Mamma around here uses her spice grinders as a time saver more often than she would like to admit…)

Standalone Furniture Pieces

Not everyone is as lucky as me to have this tiny nook where they are able to squeeze in a narrow standalone kitchen pantry, or a square cube pi.e up but if you can think a bit and yes find the space for a pieces like these, I can assure you they will be your lifesaver! At least it has been for me! The amount of places i have been able to organize in the most ideal way in my tiny apartment with no built in storage spaces is beyond awesome! All my towels that used to overcrowd my tiny linen/only semi storage closet in my home was easily anxiety inducing when needing to get to anything in that space. I found this thin fourteen inch nook in my bathroom where I stacked up four thirteen inch square cubes to be my saving grace and house my towels! Winner!Cube storage

For another of my standalone furniture piece wins is my above mentioned narrow standalone pantry! I have been able to eradicate any spec of food from all and any one of my kitchen cabinets! It used to drive me NUTS that there was food being stored in majority of my cabinets since they would not all fit into one. Now there is a designated home for all things food, and I am loving it!

Get on the Extra Storage Game Today!

What I’m trying to say in one way or another, with a bit of thought and creativity you too can come up with ways to add storage to frankly any room or space in your home, office or car even (If your car is your office…). Come on, help us all out here, drop your genius ideas below so that we can all benefit and use them! Thanks in advance! And if I’ll use any of your ideas I’ll thank you again later.

Wishing you only good!

Mason Jars For Kitchen Decor

Mason Jars for kitchen decor is life! They legit are the most genius way to aid you in just so many ways. Some conventional and some not so much! The affordability and versatility of the mason jar makes it a piece that keeps being the perfect solution. So…. without further ado, lets get right to it:)!

Mason Jars for Canning.

Obviously I can’t do a post about Mason jars without mentioning the obvious. Mason Jars have never yet failed me (or anyone I know) in the kitchen, with preserving / canning food. I personally use it weekly for the pear or apple compote I make. The jars definitely keep them fresh and juicy as though they were just made fresh!

Mason Jars for Kitchen Storage.

Now for the more fun bits!

Food storage containers. I always knew that when I would have my own kitchen it would be Pinterest worthy, if I may say so myself! The symmetry and artistry of it excites me in a way that I can’t explain. The downside to all this though is the hefty price such pantries tend to come with. This resulted in me having to push this dream off a bit. But then came Mason Jars to the rescue!! Most of my pantry items are in Mason Jars! The symmetry of it definitely works with the little (or maybe a little more than a little) ‘OCD’ in me, and it just looks awesome. I use it for most of the dry products in my pantry. So now for the specifics, as to what I actually use it for…

All my pantry goodies. Rice, quinoa, pasta, chia seeds, almond flour… you get the picture anything that comes in a bag or box from the grocery goes right into the mason jar! I write on the bottom of the mason jar on a piece of masking tape what is inside of it so that I don’t accidentally use regular noodles instead of spelt noodles, food sensitivities in the house. You know… 😉

Dried fruits. I dry fruits on my own, for more reasons than one (which is a conversation for a different time). Those have to be fresh to be edible! Mason jars work like a charm to keep them super fresh and keep its perfect texture.
Nuts and seeds. I have had cashews in my pantry go bad so many times which makes me really sad. Since I started storing them in the Mason Jars I have had one batch of those in my pantry for a full month and they were still crisp and fresh, They definitely don’t stay there longer than that with me around…

Mason Jars – Meal Prep

Lunch Box. I’ve tried one too many Bento boxes for my lunch, with every one failing me in one way or another. One with its size, one with it leaking, one with its durability and so on… I know that the mason jar means no compartments and all that yet it works amazingly well for me! No spills! It is tall enough to keep my plastic cutlery in there (when it is not food that is oily… or I have put the cutlery in a plastic bag before putting them into the mason jar.).
Meal Prep.
Sunday Meal Prep is surely something I would love to say I do. But I don’t. I just don’t. I do however like to cook in batches, as in when I roast cauliflower on Monday I’ll put some broccoli on for a different ride. Or I’ll cook double the amount of rice I need and store half for another day. That is definitely when my trusty mason jar comes into play. They use the least place in my refrigerator and does not smell my fridge up at all! Win, win!

Fruits for the week. Blueberries. Strawberries. Raspberries. Mango. I find they stay super fresh when I line the mason jar with a paper towel and then fill it up with the fruit. I am super picky with my fruits being super, super fresh tasting and mason jars surely do the job!

Mason Jars For Kitchen Decor

Flowers. Ahhh the life they add to my life! Although I’ve got plenty of vases to display my flowers in I usually just end up turning to my mega sized mason jar! I love the rustic free feel it gives!

On another note. For some subtle romantic lighting added to dinner nights, something that is light on the purse yet still gives you the effect you’re looking for and to the rescue comes…… Drumroll!!! Mason Jars (you didn’t see that one coming did ya; Ha!) Just fill up the jar with water to you’re preferred height, put the bigger size tea light candles to float on the top and light them up! I put a thicker green leaf going around on the bottom of the mason jar just for some added Pizzazz!!

Mason Jars for the Win!

We definitely only touched the surface of the vast possibilities that we can use the mighty mason jar for. Leave me some comments below with some of the ways you are currently finding the mason jar to be helpful for you. I would love to read about them and possibly find a way to use them in my kitchen, or my home in general!

I think its safe to say I am Mason Jar obsessed! Mason Jars give me the look of a perfectly designed pantry/kitchen while staying perfectly on budget!

Come to think of it, it would totally be fun to try incorporating it into my home in as many ways possible and see how many mason jars I would need to be used. Maybe one day I will take on the #masonjarchallenge ;)!! Hey you never know.
So long,


Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas – Make It Work For You!

My kitchen is one of the rooms that can be seen from my doorway and is therefore on top of my cleanliness and organization list (along with the rest of my house, and work desk, and everything else… if I’m being totally honest… but you’ll get to know me pretty soon;)); so when I was started taking the time to turn my house into my home my kitchen was definitely up there on my priority list.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet

The one issue in my home I knew I better get on before I invite anyone over for company was definitely my non-existent kitchen pantry! Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas were on my mind all day, every day. I don’t know about you but as a kid the pantry in my parents home was by far the most frequented cabinet. It was something I needed in my home, and I needed it fast.

So as far as my kitchen layout goes, there are plenty of cabinets without even a single pantry. Now, while for you that may be perfectly fine and workable, me, it just drove INSANE! I ended up having food in 4 cabinets! Although they were neatly organized and I knew where everything was, it has not been working for me. I would constantly be rearranging and reorganizing trying to see if maybe, somehow, I’ll be able to fit them all into one cabinet, with no luck:(!

I was searching for some type of solution and was almost ready to give up my coat closet and turn that into my pantry (since it’s in my kitchen in any case, rental apartments for you!)! Bottom line, I needed a solution and I needed one fast, since I knew I would be hosting my family very soon then, for my sons son’s birthday party.

I was racking my brain, until one day it hit me! It was a thought that so randomly popped into my head…

Standalone Kitchen Pantry

How could I not have thought about it before! I have this tiny corner in my kitchen, where I kept my garbage can at the time (kitchen essential you know…), which leads to my hallway and I knew I can somehow make it work! To be honest I have thought about adding on a cabinet but it was so unrealistic as to how I would go about that so the idea was shoved to the side as quickly as it had come. But this tiny nook would definitely have a way to serve me somehow. No space to waste!

So I set to work looking for something that could suit my needs; with style being just as important as substance!

My challenge here was twofold. It had to be narrow enough so that it wouldn’t intrude into the passageway to my hallway and big enough so that it was a food solution at all. I would have loved to get something that would be able to keep all my baking items as well but knew that probably is stretching it a bit to far. It had to be budget friendly because this I’d simply how I role!

And so… the search began!

Rustic Kitchen, Farmhouse Kitchen Find Your Style!

And search I did! I made myself a budget of tops 200 dollars but really wanted to stay under 150 if possible. I knew I would have to pay a bit more if I wanted some style as well.

There were definitely options to be found under 100 dollars and I did keep bumping into some options, but as I mentioned, style was of equal importance to me. I am the one in this kitchen daily and something that fits my style was to be found.

Ideally I would have gone for a farmhouse door pantry with its trimmings and all! (Like the ones I have been drooling over for more time than I am willing to admit…). I did spend some time seeing if I can somehow, yes make it work; but these were so bulky though (in size as well as in price;)),and will sadly have to wait until we buy a house; but I still wanted something with an awesome rustic vibe to it!

On Budget! On Style!

And then I found him! (Why he’s a Male I’m not sure but he definitely is. I just know it.) On paper perfectly sized, amazingly priced, fit just right into the budget I have set!

The Best Kitchen Solution For You!

A few small pointers I learned along the process; in no particular order.

  1. Don’t give up on your style, just because it seems like your budget does not match it. With much perseverance, and just a little tweaking, you can definitely find something on style AND on budget! (If searching through the internet does not give you the pleasure you are looking for feel free to reach out and I might just have one saved on one of my lists, and I love sharing, Just sayin’ ;)!)
  2. Know the size that will work for your space. As mentioned before the corner I have is not very big and was a passageway as well. So as much as I was tempted to get something huge to solve all my pantry problem, it was going to infringe on my sacred space and would only bring more issues down the line. Today, after the story I am so happy I stuck to the smaller sized ones so that it looks awesome and I have found a few more ways to create some storage other small storage solution spaces in my kitchen to counter that.
  3. If you are tight on space and do end up having to get something smaller than you really need. The pieces you get for the organization of the interior of the pantry help to maximize its small space. I did not spend a lot on those pieces, I just made them strategic pieces. I also got some ‘accessories’ that don’t take up much space just utilizes space already there (like beautiful wicker style baskets above the pantry.)

So hop onto the Standalone Pantry Bandwagon, and find one that suits your home, style and budget!

Looking forward to your feedback questions and comments below. Keep’em comin’!!


Meet Me:)

I love design! I love decorating!

Art is in my blood.

Design is my expression.

Cliche or not this is who I am. I definitely leave my decor mark wherever I go! My school supplies (way back when;)) always had some type of ‘Me’ twist. My desk at work is always recognizable, in a good way!

When I got married and moved into my own apartment, my passion for all things design on budget just grew! Then when I became a mom, to the smartest little boy around (totally not biased;)) the budget part just got an even bigger role. So hop along for the ride while a turn my apartment (or anyone else’s, who would let me use theirs…) into my home!

Why the website?

So instead of having to order stuff or send links, all day long, to those near and dear to me, interested in all the ‘stuff’ they so kindly listen to me drool about, I am now officially naming this website my decorating intern.

So, Thank you dear website for standing at my side at all times, assisting me in helping others so that I can accomplish all my other great doings!

My Goals!

I always tell my husband; that he better find me some design projects or else it will be our apartment at my discretion. I know. And if I am fully honest here… My sons room is up to its 3rd major overhaul (not talking about small stuff…) and hes only 3! Yes.

So, If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please, ask away! Leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

All the best,